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The Gilmore Girls Shirts Are Up and Coming

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This is the day! The Gilmore Girls shirts I’ve had on my mind for months are ready for you! We’re still finishing up a few designs, but there’s seven in the set right now and about a dozen+ more to come. 

As the site suggests, Kindred Handicrafts is a place for us to create things from experiences we’ve loved and allows us to share them with you. 

I love The Gilmore Girls. 

I mean I LOOOOOOVE The Gilmore Girls! This summer I had a chance to attend The Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Television Festival and I thought nothing could top that. In fact, I told my husband it fell right behind our wedding and the birth of our three kids as the most memorable day of my life.

A few months later when the news of the Netflix revival stunned me, once again I didn’t think The Gilmore Girls could bring me any more joy. But, when we decided to create these shirts, it brought a newfound love for the show, its creators and cast as I scoured the series once again for a handful of my favorite moments. It’s been fun but now I’m even more excited to share them with you. 

These Gilmore Girls shirts have been a labor of love inspired by my absolute favorite TV show. The real credit goes to Amy Sherman-Palladino for being brilliant and creating a fictional town we’d all love to live in with people we’d hope would be our friends. We can't wait to see what she comes up with next, 2016 is going to be a good year for Gilmore Girl fans.

Over the past few years my husband (yes, I know he’s a keeper) and I have watched the series many times and appreciate it more every time we see an episode. The Gilmore Girls have made mundane house chores exciting, rocking our babies to sleep even more enjoyable and it's made quiet nights in something to talk about. 

We love the show for more reasons that I can count, but for me personally, it reminds me of the charm of New England and the many facets that keep us enamored with the east coast. Quaint towns with an eclectic group of people living in a spectacular community with complex but lovely relationships. Isn't that what we all want? 

The Gilmore Girls is "feel good" TV that brings us to together with a world of fans who love it just as much as we do. I hope these shirts bring you a bit of happiness every time you put one on. 

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