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Well, That Was Fun!

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When the news of Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival broke last Friday we celebrated! And then we made a tooooooon of shirts. Bustle's Instagram account, which we adore, even shared a photo of a few of their editors in our tees!  

Coincidently, a few hours before the news broke, we added our new Stars Hollow shirt to the shop. Timely, yes. Fate, we'd like to believe so. 

And then today The Hollywood Reporter & Pret-A-Reporter shared a story on our little shop. Plus, Tanc Sade who we all loved as Finn made the announcement that he was coming back for the revival and then later agreed (via Facebook) to let us make a Finn shirt!

Now, we just need to keep our promise to The Hollywood Reporter and release a few new shirts this week! It's starting to feel a little monkey, monkey, underpants over here. My brain is a wild jungle full of scary jibberish... 

Thanks for the love, this is really fun for us.